What do you wanna be when you grow up?

From as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a Veterinarian. I brought home strays and even injured Pigeons. I created health charts at home for our cats and my dog. Would stick their paws in stamp pads to place on their chart for identification.

I didn’t fully apply myself in school to be that top notch Veterinarian but I did take classes to become a Veterinarian technician. I still brought in strays and injured animals while raising a family and working outside of the animal field. Back in Michigan I had a chance to work with the Humane Society, but at the time the pay wouldn’t be much after daycare expenses. So in my home we fostered dogs and helped the small injured critters.

Moving to Texas opened up an opportunity I never even imagined. Not only did we rescue horse’s raise cow’s and chicken’s too I became an Animal Control Officer. Oh the joy of doing what you love truly is like never working a day in your life. There where sad times and hard times but the good times kept me going.

Awhile back I use to think how I never accomplished my dream in becoming a Veterinarian. That I never complete what I start. Until I realized the larger picture of the years and animals that I crossed paths with. The saying goes I lost my mind but found my soul rescuing animals.. how true in my life! I may have not gotten my degree as a Veterinarian but I still work with animals. My schedule was probably less complicated too while bringing up kiddos. The things I have seen my kids learn by my compassion for animals also makes me proud. They may not have the same dream I had but they will have the love and respect for an animal. They do bring strays home just like their momma.

Sometimes we don’t see our accomplishments because we didn’t do them exactly as planned. Sometimes what we did do is so much bigger. Definitely not my pocket book but my heart is full.

What do you wanna be when you grow up? Until next time – Lisa Marie

A day at the office 🐾