Why blog!?!

So this is my first blog! I am currently home regrouping after a rough patch of “1000 mile blues “and working animal control. In my very early 30s I moved from Michigan, just outside of the Detroit area, to a small town in Texas. Which I have now learned there are smaller towns here than where I am living. What an adjustment… five years later I feel like I finally got it down. Michigan was lit up and always “open”. Down here country life doesn’t have street lights! How do kids know when it’s time to come home? 😃 You must drive thirty minutes to get milk. Unless of course you do like your neighbors and get a cow! Which eventually we did but we don’t milk him. Our town closed up at 10pm and we  didn’t have a McDonald’s until a year after moving here. An hour drive to get to a mall. I felt like I moved to another planet. Silly me at the time thought the world ended but little did I know it was just beginning!! A world of opportunity, growth, and a warm welcoming environment to raise our boys were waiting, all I had to do was see it. Really see it for what it was and not what it didn’t have. The things I was so use to having at my fingertips soon would be forgotten and I would see what Texas had to offer. Better than McDonald’s french fries down the street. It even offered me the opportunity to work with animals which was always a passion of mine. So I guess that’s why I am writing this to tell my story to someone who might not see what I could see either. Till next time… Lisa Marie