Christmas not bahhumbugin

It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas here in East Texas, but it still doesn’t look like Christmas. Yeah sure places are decorated including my own home, but outside looks like fall. The seasons are so off around here. The other day before the cold blew in it was 76 degrees outside. Back in Michigan the Tree’s are bare and the snow has fallen. I have barely Christmas shopped and now must go in the cold. Nothing like waiting till the final countdown to go shopping. O I have been out browsing but for some reason I have left stores mostly empty handed. Have any of you ever had a Christmas procrastination? Does this happen yearly for you?

Around here malls are not as many or as close as back where I use to live in Michigan but online shopping worked great when I first moved to Texas. Maybe I assumed this year not having to work daily I would just go shopping. Some may say I just don’t have the Christmas spirit. I am not bahhumbugging over here!

Shopping for teenagers and not younger children is a challenge! Wow two gifts for one kid alone can leave you broke and your ten year old with a mountain of presents to his brothers two presents. Do you shop for your children by dollar amount or gift number? Like do I wrap each boot the oldest wants separately!?! Oh the toddler days I do miss. Next year we need to just stick to a vacation get away for Christmas.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours,
Lisa Marie