Why blog!?!

So this is my first blog! I am currently home regrouping after a rough patch of “1000 mile blues “and working animal control. In my very early 30s I moved from Michigan, just outside of the Detroit area, to a small town in Texas. Which I have now learned there are smaller towns here than where I am living. What an adjustment… five years later I feel like I finally got it down. Michigan was lit up and always “open”. Down here country life doesn’t have street lights! How do kids know when it’s time to come home? 😃 You must drive thirty minutes to get milk. Unless of course you do like your neighbors and get a cow! Which eventually we did but we don’t milk him. Our town closed up at 10pm and we  didn’t have a McDonald’s until a year after moving here. An hour drive to get to a mall. I felt like I moved to another planet. Silly me at the time thought the world ended but little did I know it was just beginning!! A world of opportunity, growth, and a warm welcoming environment to raise our boys were waiting, all I had to do was see it. Really see it for what it was and not what it didn’t have. The things I was so use to having at my fingertips soon would be forgotten and I would see what Texas had to offer. Better than McDonald’s french fries down the street. It even offered me the opportunity to work with animals which was always a passion of mine. So I guess that’s why I am writing this to tell my story to someone who might not see what I could see either. Till next time… Lisa Marie


A day in the life of an Ex Animal Control Officer

It’s been 4 months since I left the job as an animal control officer. Since then I have put up a few cows, rescued a kitten and brought it home, and adopted a puppy so it never had to see the inside of a shelter. Pretty easy things nothing extraordinary or out of the ordinary. I did see a post on Facebook this week of a Lama on the loose!! Now that would have been fun trying to put him up while he spits at me.

While my three children are out and about doing things with their friends I thought I could put my feet up, watch TV, or read. But my past came to haunt me. I have always had a soft heart for animals for as long as I can remember and I have had animals seek me out for help. That may seem far-fetched for some people to believe but I have had on more than one occasion an animal literally come up to me for help. But we will save those stories for another day.

That puppy we took in recently has two siblings left out of the litter that live just up the road from us. The two puppies are boys, they happened to come down for the second time to visit their sister. I am sitting in my living room where I started to hear a howl and a bark at the door. I am not making this stuff up! There sat one pup calling on his sister. I let her and our other two dogs out and they were having a fantastic time playing. The playing includes barking and wrestling and oh scratching at the door to come. Not going to happen boys! Our girl pup is like having a two year old around the house again. Toys everywhere, barking at the other dogs to play, and demanding water. Before dark I load up the boys and drive them back home.

I came back home and was putting out more hay for the cow when I notice one of our rosters being a bit ruff with one of my new hens. I am thinking typical rooster I am gonna have to cook him soon, when I notice another get on her like him before I realize the roster and two other hens are trying to kill her. Not because she is new I don’t think but because she is weaker with a hurt leg. I am was on the phone yelling to my husband I gotta go “click” while I am running in the pen yelling no, no, no like a crazy chicken lady. I got her picked up and put safely back in her little chicken house.

Before I even have time to finish up with the cows evening feed I have my 2 year old Cur dog making a ruckus and taking off thru the pasture. I don’t have one but two coyotes she is chasing off, but they are in a pair and circling her. Just as they seem to be running off back to the woods I call for her and as soon as she turns her back they turn back for her. I scale up the pipe fence and over like a ninja into the pasture and the two crazy coyotes finally turn back and head for the woods. My presence out there must have made a difference for them to head out away from us and I haven’t seen them again tonight.

What a day and just when I thought my day would be long and boring without anyone home. Nope not a chance in my crazy animal world! Life didn’t want me to miss my job and has a funny way of keeping me doing it without the paycheck. Have you ever had one of those days? Have you ever left a job and it come back to haunt you?

Till next time,

Lisa Marie

Christmas not bahhumbugin

It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas here in East Texas, but it still doesn’t look like Christmas. Yeah sure places are decorated including my own home, but outside looks like fall. The seasons are so off around here. The other day before the cold blew in it was 76 degrees outside. Back in Michigan the Tree’s are bare and the snow has fallen. I have barely Christmas shopped and now must go in the cold. Nothing like waiting till the final countdown to go shopping. O I have been out browsing but for some reason I have left stores mostly empty handed. Have any of you ever had a Christmas procrastination? Does this happen yearly for you?

Around here malls are not as many or as close as back where I use to live in Michigan but online shopping worked great when I first moved to Texas. Maybe I assumed this year not having to work daily I would just go shopping. Some may say I just don’t have the Christmas spirit. I am not bahhumbugging over here!

Shopping for teenagers and not younger children is a challenge! Wow two gifts for one kid alone can leave you broke and your ten year old with a mountain of presents to his brothers two presents. Do you shop for your children by dollar amount or gift number? Like do I wrap each boot the oldest wants separately!?! Oh the toddler days I do miss. Next year we need to just stick to a vacation get away for Christmas.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours,
Lisa Marie

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

From as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a Veterinarian. I brought home strays and even injured Pigeons. I created health charts at home for our cats and my dog. Would stick their paws in stamp pads to place on their chart for identification.

I didn’t fully apply myself in school to be that top notch Veterinarian but I did take classes to become a Veterinarian technician. I still brought in strays and injured animals while raising a family and working outside of the animal field. Back in Michigan I had a chance to work with the Humane Society, but at the time the pay wouldn’t be much after daycare expenses. So in my home we fostered dogs and helped the small injured critters.

Moving to Texas opened up an opportunity I never even imagined. Not only did we rescue horse’s raise cow’s and chicken’s too I became an Animal Control Officer. Oh the joy of doing what you love truly is like never working a day in your life. There where sad times and hard times but the good times kept me going.

Awhile back I use to think how I never accomplished my dream in becoming a Veterinarian. That I never complete what I start. Until I realized the larger picture of the years and animals that I crossed paths with. The saying goes I lost my mind but found my soul rescuing animals.. how true in my life! I may have not gotten my degree as a Veterinarian but I still work with animals. My schedule was probably less complicated too while bringing up kiddos. The things I have seen my kids learn by my compassion for animals also makes me proud. They may not have the same dream I had but they will have the love and respect for an animal. They do bring strays home just like their momma.

Sometimes we don’t see our accomplishments because we didn’t do them exactly as planned. Sometimes what we did do is so much bigger. Definitely not my pocket book but my heart is full.

What do you wanna be when you grow up? Until next time – Lisa Marie

A day at the office 🐾